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I have three pet fancy rats. I live with Obessive Compulsive Disorder and ADHD, I also deal with Chronic Pain due to lumbar disc disease and psoratic arthritis. I am an artist/crafter and do many, many different arts and crafts. I am Wiccan and make a lot of unique Wiccan crafts! I really enjoy gardening. And I am newly single. Enjoy my blog!
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Saturday, October 17, 2015



(My favorite Holiday!)

I love crafting during the holidays... Most of all Halloween! 

Also, known to some of us as "Samhain". 

Here are some of my Handmade decorations!


Jewelry organizers

How to Make a Chicken Wire Jewelry Organizer!


Chicken wire or Utility wire
Wooden frame
Staple gun & Staples


Step 1: Make sure your wooden frame is thicker than the length of your staples. Prepare or paint your wooden frame as desired. Measure chicken wire to fit inside of frame.
Step 2: Drill tiny holes where hooks will be placed. Add hooks to bottom of frame. 
Step 3: Flatten chicken wire and staple firmly onto back, inside of frame.
Now you have a beautiful jewelry organizer!