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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Basics about Harmonee

Basics about Harmonee
I grew up in Tampa, FL. As a child I was hyperactive and loved to play outside and get my hands into anything that would help me make something. I made everything from potions to paintings to forts.
I received my gift of art from my grandmother (Joann Jandro). She did many kinds of art during her life just like me. My favorite of her art are 3D picture frames and decoupage. She is 82 now and still today she does arts and crafts of all sorts. She is still teaching me a thing or two.
When I was in my early teens my favorite art was collages, painting, and journaling. Today, I do about anything. I find random pieces of things at yard sales and in recycle bins. I find things around my house and my grandmother’s house.
When I find an item I like my mind goes to work. I think of a million things I could do with that one item. I may make a wreath out of it, or put it on a greeting card. I may add it to my scrapbook or paint on it. Sometimes I just do something totally random.
My mind is always thinking about what I can do next and what I can do it with. I usually have 3+ projects going at any given time. Most everyone in my life comments constantly that I am creative in everything I do. I do have a great love for arts and crafts and spread it in every area of my life.