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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Now let's get to crafting... Call the Fairies Kit

How to make a 
Fairy Calling Kit!

This handmade kit is my original idea. It is simple craft... does not take too much time.

You will need:
Clear glass salt shaker
Cardstock & printer
Mini Fairy (charms usually work)
Glitter (At least 3 kinds... to your color scheme)
One miniature Bell
Step 1: I always start to decorate the bottle first. So, that the glitter does not make a mess. Add ribbons, embellishments, and a fairy charm to the salt shaker bottle. Try to stick with a certain color scheme. 
Step 2: After embellishing... Add layers of glitter to the clear bottle. 
Step 3: Add only a ribbon or/and one embellishment to the bell. 
Step 4: Use colored card stock to print "Call the Fairies Kit" in the shape of a tag.
Step 5: Find a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper... print the words on white card stock and paste it to scrapbooking paper.


Directions Read:
Ring the fairy bell
Three times and
Sprinkle fairy dust
From the bottle!
Faries will appear
Near by... You must
Watch very close
to see them!

Just Believe!